Moonstone Mala

Moonstone Mala


108 beads to wrap around the heart. Mala beads are a traditional tool to be used in meditation or worn as a beautiful reminder of intentions. Anyone can wear these prayer beads to cultivate a calm mind & open heart.

This mala is hand tied using bodhi seeds & moonstone gems with silver detailing & a light blue tassel.

• Packaging •
Packaged with special care & attention to be send on its way safely. This piece has a story & comes equipped with individual intention cards.

• Moonstone •

Embodies the authentic strength & wisdom of the feminine. Cleansed by the full moon, this mala is fully charged & ready to roam creating space for intuition, beauty & grace.

• Intention •

May the highest truth rise up from deep within the heart to be remembered & trusted once again.

May your steps be soft & your heart be free.


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