Atita: Beyond

Atita: Beyond


Handmade 925 sterling silver cuff with bold turquoise stone. A high vibrational statement piece.

• Intention •

Turquoise is a stunning gemstone that has been used for centuries in the Native American culture for drawing deep peace & authentic wisdom to the surface.

Cleansed by the full moon, this band is fully charged & ready to roam.

• Packaging •

Our pieces are all packaged with special care & attention to be send on their way safely. Each gemstone has a story & comes equipped with individual intention cards.

• Story •

All our designs are handmade by a dear friend in Bali where we live for six months of the year. As the island holds a very special place in our heart 10% of all sales go back to various foundations that work with the Balinese to reduce poverty, provide healthcare & keep the environment protected & clean! It is a joy to share these unique gems with hearts that connect to the healing vibes while bridging the gap between lack and abundance.

May your steps be soft & your heart be free.


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