True Spirit Revival
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Having learnt the art of intentional crafting from the hands of my Grandmother, this Karma Collection has been a lifetime in the making and a true joy in sharing!




Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better
— Albert Einstien


It’s a butterfly-in-your-stomach kinda feeling when you share art (or anything close to the heart).
after spending a good part of this year in creative incubation, dreaming up & bringing to life new designs, I am sooo ready to share.

This 2019 collection reflects the beauty of those fierce & radiant woman of ancient roots that continually shake my heart.

Inspired by the Mamas in India, dancers in Bali & Native American regalia, each piece handmade as an offering to the places within the heart where all real beauty rests.

Thankful. So thankful for this life of contrasts that keeps us guessing, for the generous & subtle displays of beauty that show up every single day. The natural unfolding of life itself as the ultimate creative muse.

Deep within the heart, this radiance rests inside us all... Qualities of peace, expansion, wisdom & courage... the idea is to be reminded of that truth daily. These pieces are meant to stir those intrinsic qualities of the heart.